P4 2.26 533Mhz Running Hot?

Hey guys. I just upgraded my p4 2.2 400 mhz fsb to a 2.26 533 mhz fsb processor. Ive noticed a big jump in the cpu temprature. My 400mhz fsb was running at 35C and 45C at max load. The new 533 fsb chip temprature idles at 41C and about 50C at max load. I am not overclocking. Are these temps normal for this chip? Im using a T1 Dragon 7+ cooler with a thin layer of thermal compound on the chip. Any ideas?
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  1. Those temps are fine. If your running stable and not having any problems, then the temps are generally fine.
  2. I just loaded up some Ghost Recon and I see that the chip is actually running at 57C.. Is that still ok? I havnt crashed yet but what tempratures are acceptable for the 2.26 533 ? Thanks
  3. If it's stable your fine, if the P4 is goes over 60C tho I would look into resetting the heatsink/fan, since they usually don't run much hotter than that, only Athlons generally do.

    Also check the vcore in the bios, make sure it's at 1.5V.

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  4. Just thought of a few things to check if you want. Make sure you have suitable air flow in your case. Take the side off and see if the temps. drop. If they do then you need to improve your air flow a little. Did you use a thin layer of thermal compound between the CPU and HSF? And that the HSF is securely attached and making proper contact with the die? If all those bases are covered then you should be fine.

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  5. Well just to follow up I removed the Dragon Cooler to resetted it again and in the process snapped one of those flimsy plastic brackets. So I went to the computer store and bought the same one and returned the old. After reapplying a thin coat and resetting I think its running more like I expected it to. The CPU now idles at 31C and under heavy load jumps up to around 43C. So I dont know if it was the heatsink/fan or it needed to be resetted or too much or to little thermal compund but Im happy with it.

    Also prior to putting in the new fan I encountered a new problem. My memory stopped adding up correctly. I have a gig of 1066 RAMBUS (4 x 256 modules).It will only add up 478 meg now. I have tried taking half the memory out, swapping modules but keep comming up with the same amount. Anyone have a clue to what the heck is going on? The motherboard is a ASUS P4T533-C. Thanks again guys.
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