What is updatus user?

I see this user name listed in the control panel, but not at the logon screen. I did not create it. Anyone know where it comes from?
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  1. Click Link About halfway down is an explanation on what updatususer account is. Looks like an Nvidia account for updates. Edit... An even better explanation link
  2. I have the same, but I traced it to a file under Local Disk (C:) with a long alphaNumerical name and when I opened it,it had tons of folder with number, then I scrolled down and it showed ALL the stuff I have in my computer. It began with an Admin folder (LOCKED, though I was in the administrator user), then System, Program files and like I said, everything else, including Windows (again). I already have 2 window programs, so now I have a 3rd one. Hope it helps.
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