Black screen when i turn on aspire 7003wsmi

hi,i have an acer aspire 7003wsmi and the screen doesnt come on anymore when i turn on the laptop,a couple of days ago i turned it on and the screen was fine until about halfway through the boot process when it went pixelated and shut down the laptop,now when i turn it on it sounds like its booting as normal(fan starts up,doesnt turn off) its just the screen is blank,not even a flicker of life.i have removed the leads and put them back in place,i also removed the ram,hd,wireless card etc.also tries a hard reset(take battery out and hold power button for a minute,at this point i'm thinking the screen has gone but i thought i'd ask an expert opinion before i fork out 70 quid.thanks
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  1. i also tried hooking it up to a monitor but i get nothing on there either,could be the bios settings are set for laptop screen only,thing is i cant see the bios to change the there any way i can change it without being able to see the settings?just to make sure the graphics card is not the culprit.thanks again.
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