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Gx280 dell - Sound

After installing my Nvidia GX240 .. windows 7 doesnt picking up the sound drivers automatically. Before it, win7 doesnt detect sound driver but detects it through update from internet ( my comp>device manager>through it ) ! i 4got what was the driver .. my Pc specs are : Dell Optiplex gx280 windows 7 32-bit ultimate Nvidia GT240 DDR5
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  1. Try to download and install the latest sound card drivers (From Dell support page)
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    Verify that your sound settings (control panel) are still using your on-board sound as the default device. If not, just select and save your settings. If so, Matan is spot-on for the next step. I assume your sound worked properly before you upgraded the video card. Yes? Good luck!
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  4. thanks GOL GEEK ... i got it ... 10x for help mate !
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