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Hello,dear friends
I'm really irritated by the performance of my sony vio laptop having processor intel core i3, 3gb ram and Windows 7 64 bit ultimate installed on it.
I mean its processing speed slowed down suddenly and deadlocks occur with frequency of 5-7 deadlocks/min...
I have formatted the system many a times but no change to its performance... i'm in deep trouble plz help me sorting out the problem
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  1. It could be the hard drive has become faulty. All hard drives fail sooner or later. Test it with the drive manufacturer's diagnostic software for DOS which loads from a bootable CD (you cannot test it properly with Windows software).
    The links to download the software are at the top of this page:

    Test the RAM modules too, with Memtest86+:

    To make a bootable CD from any ISO file, you can use IMGBurn:
  2. When was the last time the heatsink(s) were cleaned? It maybe overheating and downclocking.
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