Bad RAM, or something else?

Well, I'm playing WC3, and suddenly, XP bluescreens and I'm left with no choice but to restart my computer. When at the desktop, sometimes running nothing, sometimes running AIM, WMP, and IE6, I'll get a bluescreen with the message PFN_LIST_CORRUPT or PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. Needless to say, I ran Cachemem 5.11, and nothing showed up, even with running the basic and extended tests for 9 hours. Not a single error. I've tried backing off to the most passive memory settings, and it hasn't helped. The only things that make me still think it's the RAM is that a) both errors show up in the MSKB as either being related to bad RAM or faulty drivers/hardware, and b) when rebuilding my system with the 1800+, MSI KT3, and GFTi4400, I dropped one of the sticks of RAM about 5-7 inches onto a lip in the case, and while I saw no physical damage, it did land on the edge with the gold pins. Also, once in awhile, when running the Sandra RAM bench, it will give me the same errors (coincidence?).

I'm sure it's not the video card, since it was working fine in my old 1.2GHz AMD/A7A266 setup with WinXP. The only other culprits are the motherboard and the CPU. The PAGE_FAULT error can be attributed to bad video RAM and bad L2 cache, according to MS, and since I'm 99% sure its not the videocard, the only thing left is CPU, though it has ECC.

Any ideas or thoughts? I haven't tried to swap the RAM in and out (I have two 256 sticks of Crucial PC2100) to see if the problem goes away yet, since I don't have time right now.

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  1. *bump*

    Anyone here have any suggestions for something I may have overlooked?

  2. If you still know which stick could have damaged during installation remove it and see if the errors continue to appear.

    My watercooler contains so much water that the moon has influence upon it :eek: .
  3. I had this same problem after installing a GeForce4-4400 vid card. I have a dual boot W98/XP setup. No problem in 98. I tried to get rid of it for weeks. Finally I just got rid of my page file alltogether and now XP runs fine. With 512meg of ram XP doesn't seem to need the disk cache anyway.
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