The Next Intel 850 Chipset

Does anyone know what the next 850 chipset will be called? I am waiting for the next 850 that will provide official PC1066 support, AGP 8x, and ICH4 (USB 2.0).

I'm timing this so that by the time this next chipset comes out, the prices for P4's in the 2.5Ghz range with 533Mhz FSB will be lower than they are today.
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  1. We don't even know if there will be such a chipset. The i850E is liable to be the last RDRAM chipset Intel makes; they're switching over to DDR/DDR-II.

    The chipset to wait for is probably the Granite Bay chipset (dual-channel DDR), which is due in October IIRC.

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  2. rambus is very good, the only problems is that they are way too expensive.

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  3. Though it is the best performing memory solution for the P4, I have heard many, many times in these forums that Rambus has an awfull lot of latency. It is just because of the dual channel configuration that it manages to stay ahead ... So dual channel DDR will outperform RDRAM completely, I think.


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  4. I agree with you.

    Intel would be wise if they develop a dual channel DDR chipset instead of devoloping rambus chipsets further
  5. The only way that will happen soon is if SiS releases the 655 chipset. But it looks like they are delaying the 655 to make room for the RDRAM based 658. I figure the only way we'll get the 655 is to raid SiS and steal a couple sample boards. Who's with me?

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