How do I permanently remove Strongvault online backup?

How do I permanently remove strongvault, it's stubborn and will not go away no matter what I try, is it a virus or what?

I tried many times with: to no avail. ugh !

it sure is annoying.... thanks !
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  1. Found On Symantec support forum, may help ...

    Hi, just wanted to say I had simimlar problems, loaded strongvault as I loaded some freeware. I imiediately uninstalled it using Program and features. However even though all the files seem to have disapeared, everytime norton utilities loaded Strongvault tried to reload causing Norton to hangup.

    WinFix did not help at all. Eventually I found the msi file on Strongvaults website. The MSI file reloaded Strongvault then running it again uninstalls it. Funny thing though after running it in remove mode all the files were still in the original folder location. So I ran the normal uninstall again via programs and features and rebooted. All the files appear to be gone and Norton Utilities now opens without problems. Hopefully it will continue to do so.

    Win 7 64bit SP1, Norton Utilites 15.

    I would then run ccleaner to remove any orphan files and registry entries.
  2. I'm not running NORTON, I'm using Comodo and it's Strongvault I'm unable to remove, not

    thanks for your time and reply
  3. bump, still need advice on how to remove this stubborn Strongvault Online Backup
  4. Try this ..

    Choose "Top Solutions".
    Install or Upgrade Software or Hardware.
    Fix Programs that can't be Installed or Uninstalled.
    May need to run the program twice for Strongvault.
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