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I am currently a Java developer, and I am planning to buy a laptop shortly. However, I am obsessed with Dell (reasons are various, including support, budget-configuration compatibility etc etc :))If anyone out there would help...

My specs are (as per the guide at the start of the section):

- Location: India
- Budget: Rs. 45,000-55,000
- 15'6" inch screen
- must be portable (not a desktop replacement)
- Good battery life required
- Not specifically interested in games
- 500 GB of hard disk space would do
- Planning to use it for at least 5 years
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  1. Hello pratul_vjti;

    Java developing does not need a high-powered, high spec system.
    The basic Rs.28,990 Dell Inspiron 14R would meet your technical requirements.

    If you do want to run any of the typical 3D games then you'll be looking closer to the top end of your budget range.

    If portability, battery life and longevity are your major concerns I'd suggest one of the business class notebooks.
    Dell Vostro V131 13" Laptop Rs.38,990
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    If you need a DVD drive and want a 15" model: Vostro 3550 15" Laptop
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  4. @wr2 thanx a ton...
    however i am afraid i forgot to mention that i already have an xp home edition cd and so dont need the windows 7 being shipped along; i would prefer a free dos instead, or for that matter linux or no os at all...
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