I am looking for somesort of cooling system for my brother. He is a big gamer, and I do not know that much about cooling systems. This is a big birthday present, so I don't mind spending the $$$ but I want to make sure I am getting the best system. Can someone reccomend the best and why...
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  1. What system is it (ie. CPU) and is it overclocked in any way (ie. FSB, Vcore, etc.). If it's not overclocked you probably won't need much. Also what's the hottest ambient temp. of the room it's in.

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  2. A nice air cooling combo is the Swiftech MCX462 heatsink, with a Sunon 80mm fan on top. Quiet, and has very good cooling. Fits a Pentium 4 and Athlon motherboard. Shouldn't cost more than $60 US

    Serious colling would by a watercooler, and a decent system will cost upwards in excess of $350 for a good complete set.

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  3. my guess is that you need cooling because he is overclocking the system... because you wouldnt want to give him a good cooling system if the one that he has works fine. so my guess is that your brother wants to overclock and you want to help him out with the cooling system. my recommendation is water cooling which comes in 2 flavors.
    you have 2 options...
    -get a water cooled case (which includes cooling for hdd, cpu, gpu, chipset) at
    -get only the cooling system, without the case. the best makers are innovatek. sells them.

    koolance cases:
    -pro: easy to use, cooling for hdd, chipset, gpu
    -con: not as high quality as innovatek

    innovatek cpu cooler:
    pro: good quality parts and cooling
    con: harder to install (need to make a hole in ur case for radiator fan), no cooling for hdd, gpu and chipset.

    depending on your computer needs. if u are thinkin of overclocking u maybe wanna consider water cooled case of overall protection of your parts. but if u dont you can consider innovatek's cpu water cooler instead. good luck

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  4. depends how much u love your bro.
    if i were you i would slap together some cheap second hand junk and use all the remaining money on myself! :smile:

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  5. lol.....
    forget the junk....computers arent important in life. instead, teach him how to be a man and take him to a strip club... SWEET!

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  6. Well if he only is a gamer and not an overclocker a good heatsinh like the Swiftech MCX462 with a quiet 80 mm fan and about 2 casefans (one for intake un the lower front of your case and one for exhaust in the upper rear of the case.
    If your brother wants to be an extreme overclocker you have to considder watercooling. You could buy a watercooling case with everything in it but this will cost you more then $300. You also could buy the lose components but then I need to know which case he has at the moment and which components he wants to cool.

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