svchost killing my cpu

Hey, anyone else having a problem w/ svchost on their computer taking up a ton of memory and almost 100% of their processor power?

My comp.

Inel 2.26
Gigabyte GA-8IEX
512 Mb Mushkin Memory
Radeon 8500 128 Mb
Windows XP
ok, I ran the command Tasklist /svc and found that the svchost that is taking up the cpu and memory on my computer is running the following programs:


Any thought as to which on of these is sucking up my system resources and what I can do about it? Thanks.

I know this is a double post, but I really need answers. Thanks.

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  1. svchost is for the candy coated interface of WinXP. It takes good ammount of memory in my system. But most of the time it does not take any cpu power. When it uses cpu, it does not exceed 10%. My system is--

    AMD Duron 1 GHz
    MSI K7N-420 Pro mobo (nForce 420-D chipset)
    128 MB Kingston PC2100 CL2.5 memory (16 MB shared for video)
    Integrated GeForce2 MX w/ 16 MB shared vram

    I don't know what's up with your system. You may disable Windows XP interface and switch to Windows Classic interface (from Display properties-->themes) and see what happens.
  2. DOne that already, still takes up some of my cpu
  3. How much?
  4. 80%
  5. Geeze. Remind me not to upgrade to XP. Heh heh.

    In Win2K my svchost is currently only taking 3,788KB RAM and about 0% (currently calculated at 0.00013% of about 216 hours of run time) of my CPU.

    I think I can live with that. :)

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  6. It's only svchost or total cpu usage? I can't beleive it!

    Restart your pc and see how much it takes after rebooting.
  7. If it does not work, install XP again (clean install, not upgrade or repair). Don't install any app or change any default settings, and see how much cpu svchost then
  8. yeah, i figured it was just a corrupt file so when I first noticed this problem I reinstalled XP and it did the same thing, w/ no other app open. This is an odd problem and the first time I have seen it.
  9. I can't help more. I have never heard this kind of problem anywhere before. Your system may have problem elsewhere, I can't estimate where.

    In your case I would drop using XP and switch to Windows 2000. If same problem occurs in 2000 ( which is unlikely, but you already have an unlikely problem)your PC may have some REAL problem.
  10. If you install Win2000, install the latest service pack (Service Pack 3)
  11. total i have 5 svchost's in my task manager......the biggest one takes up 11,086 k
    the smallest is 864 k

    and none of them r taking up ne Processor power....

    And id like to know whys theres 5...3 of them r for System....ones Local Resources and the otehr says somethign about network.......i have ALL windows XP special features disabled thats yea...

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  12. what do you mean ALL winxp special features disabled?
  13. He's talking about running msconfig and disabling some XP services.

    I dunno about the disabling all the XP servies thing. I mean it makes total sense - the less services running the better off you should be, but to be honest I've tweaked and tweaked and tweaked and never noticed better performance, only a slight drop in mem use which doesn't really matter with today's 512+MB RAM systems. So I don't even bother, if anything I would turn off a service XP needed at some point to only need to re-enable and have to boot for it to work anyhow... anyone else same or diff experience with this?

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  14. Anything u can think off, from the retarded video effect features to sounds amongst other things that are pointless to have........

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  15. Your best bet is to turn off some services you don't need (like windows update). The svchost executables run the services. To turn some off, click start, then control panel, administrative tools (or in category view first click performance and maintenance), then services. Go through the whole list, looking at the descriptions, and see what services you don't need. Then right click on the one you want to stop, click properties, then select "disabled" under startup type. Be careful not to disable any services that are necessary for windows to operate (it should be pretty clear which ones are though). Good Luck.

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  16. Here's a site that explains Services for Windows XP.
  17. Not a problem anymore, got it fixed. Used taskmanager /svc, figured out what was running and stopped some of those damn usless programs that Windows runs for the hell of it.
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