Firstly, i would like to know if testing a CPU on any mother board could damage the mother board in anyway. Secondly, what does 3 medium length beeps mean when turning the computer on. The beeps are all the same length.
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  1. u can try the cpu on any motherboard as long as they are compatible with each other (the socket, the FSB, etc...) if they arent compatible, either it wont work or u can actually damage the cpu. About the beeps, i dont know, but does it start up or not at all?

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  2. try reseating your memory, and make sure all ur add-in cards & video card are in properly.

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  3. My mother board manual has the beep codes in it. I would post them but I doubt they're all the same, I would think it depends on mobo and bios.

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  4. Just be sure that the CPU and mobo have the same socket/slot. And don't forget to use the heatsink.
    In most computers if the CPU is bad there wont be any beep at all and the system will just sit there... it could be a memory problem.
    Could you give some more specs of your hardware?

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