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I just upgraded my computer to a k7s5a mobo and athlon 1 ghz thunderbird from a intel 440bx & p3 500. When I had the old bios that came with the mobo, whenever I played UnrealTourny or did processor intensive/ memory intensive tasks, the computer stutters every couple minutes (ie it "hangs" for a couple seconds). It's really annoying. But since I have installed the latest bios, it has gotten worse (it happens more often), and I get ping strikes in UT in addition to the stuttering. Here are my system specs:

300W pSU
1ghz athlon thunder @ 730 or something (cause of ram)
2 sticks 128mb pc100
agp->tnt2 32mb m64
slot1 -> empty
slot2 -> turtle beach montego II sound card
slot3 -> empty
slot4 -> empty
slot5 -> LinkSYS ethernet card.

Onboard sound & modem disabled.


Here are some temps for u: cpu 39 deg. C, case 28 deg. All within normal

+3.3: 3.20
+5: 5.02
+12: 12.20
-12: -11.92

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  1. I assume we're talking about an ECS motherboard, which has the capability to run DDR RAM, and although you probably already had the PC-100 SDRAM, you should consider investing in some PC-2100 DDR RAM, to get the full potential out of your system. Even though you can run what you're running, its like driving with the brakes partially applied, in comparison to what you could be running. Check your CMOS settings and make sure they're set right for a 1000Mhz processor running PC100 ram the multiplier should be set at 10 and the Front Side Bus at 100. Does your MB autoset these parameters, or allow you to set them?
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