Have you bought from NCIX.com before?

Hi Guys,

Quick question I'm getting ready to order my system here shortly (hopefully the R9700 from ATI will drive the Geforce 4 - ti4400 price down and the Memory prices will drop at the same time)but... I have all my system laid out pretty much and my supplier can't get me a BLACK case OR my Logitech Z560 Speakers... AAARRRGGG...

So, I found both of them on NCIX.COM as I'm from Canada... I was going to order the Antec SX1030B and the Logitech Z560's from them... has anyone had experience from them or have any reason's not too?

Thanks in advance for your help...

My latest specs are...

P4 2.26B
Asus P4S533 board (Or Abit) probley Asus though...
512 Meg DDR 2700 Ram
Antec SX1030B Black Case
Geforce 4 TI4400 MSI video Card
DVD Rom / 32 Speed CD Burner etc
Logitech Optical Cordless Keyboard and Mouse
Western Digital 80 Gig - 8M Cache Drive
Hercules Game theater XP (She said this was discontinued? is it... if so the Audigy Xgamer I guess)
NEC 19" FE950+ Black Monitor
Logitech Z560 Speakers

Hope I didn't miss anything... Thanks for your help again!

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  1. ya havnt mention what brand/type of dvd & burner ur gettin

    and i assume that antec case comes with a decent antex PSU

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  2. Well, I was planning on ordering some stuff from NCIX.com also, although not everything. It seems like they get pretty good reviews from the users. I read the posts there and it seems they're pretty happy customers, with the exception of a few, but that always happens.

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  3. That's what I was thinking when I read through also chuck.

    I notice they have the Aspire cases which looks like it's a Antec with a side Window... are you familar with those cases?

    My standard case available from my supplier is a Beige (crap) nice looking case I guess with a 350 watt supply for $53.00.

    Do you think the case is really worth $200.00? or would you save some $$ and get something else? I have everything else black and don't want to spoil the system with a ugly biege case.

    Also, I may or may not use Black Lite On Drives but with the closeable front door, If I stagger white and black I think it will still look ok.

  4. Ok, I believe 1 manufacturer makes the cases for Antec, Aspire, Alienware and all that. I believe it is either Chieftec or Chen Ming or something like that. The Aspire is really not worth it IMHO, cause all it is is the Antec case with a window, aluminum, and no PSU.

    I'd say get the SX1030B, but send NCIX an email and ask them to replace the 300W PSU with a 350W/431W Enermax PSU. The 300W PSU may be a bit weak. Usually they'll take off ~$30 from the case.

    Yeah, it should look fine. That's what the door's there for!

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