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i am building my system for the following tasks
Video Editing
3ds Max rendering
the proposed system config. is as follows

AMD AtholnXP 2200+
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe M/B
512 MB DDR SDRAM 266Mhz ( 256 * 2 Dual DDR Bank )
80 GB Seagate UltraATA100 HDD ( Baracuda IV seriese )
Gainward GeForce 4 PowerPack! Ultra 750 / XP ViVo Golden Sample

is this config. right for me as i cannot afford CPU higher than 2200+
also what AGP is right for me for the above mentioned Applications. is the gainward card gamers oriented or is it sutiable for me.

if u can guide me on this issue or redirect me to some useful links having the said information.

thanks in advance.
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  1. With the recent AMD processor price drop, it may be better to go with a 2400+ processor.
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