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Does anyone know how processor cores are named, who names them? I'm just curious.
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  1. Companies pay PR and Marketing firms to do market research. I doesn't really mean anything. How are cars named? Same difference.

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  2. Core names like Wilamette, come from the company's choice of themes. Intel uses river and road names near their settlements.
    AMD uses horse names.
    VIA seems to go more religious, using Nehemiah, Ezra and Eden, etc.
    One day they'll release the Messiah! :wink:

    Core names really just are a choice, but the processor names are for the marketting. Why else would people go crazy if Pentium 5 came out soon!

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  3. Rock on Eden. That's exactly what I was wondering. How in the world did you know that.

  4. I stand corrected. But in my defense, why would AMD (or the others for that matter) pick the themes they did? I'm still leaning towards a marketing department.

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  5. Because core names rarely or never appear when marketting!
    Do you see what kind of Pentium 4 core is used when you read or check out system adds?
    AMD rarely also advertises what core they use, but I saw once a page for their new AthlonXP when it came out, saying it uses the Palomino core.
    Marketting department majorly applies for the name which will appear everywhere. Intel's department must be filled with drool jumping up and down like dogs awaiting the next chance they have to label PENTIUM V on their CPUs, I am sure of that!
    BTW what does PR stand for in marketting terms?

    As for why they chose such themes, I don't know really, some people like to name things like they want, and often because they like that theme. I saw Jerry Sanders' face, he looks like he's a farm-type guy, who had a horse, or maybe was a cowboy!

    As for Intel's naming, like I said, it depends on taste. FatBurger had Tualatin river near him, I think.

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  6. By selling and losing my soul to this website.... :wink:

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