Ok, long time reader of Tom's, first time post. I posted this already in the 'Bad Support/Hotlines' section, but I thought it fit here as well...

I'll start off by saying I am NOT a moron when it comes to computers. I've put numerous systems together. I am no expert, but certainly no novice by any means.

With that said, I purchased a P4 2.26GHz 533FSB retail CPU, Gigabyte GA-8IHXP i850E motherboard, and 512MB Kingston PC1066 RDRAM from Essential Computer ( I have bought from them numerous times and ALWAYS have had an enjoyable experience from them. Good prices, fast shipping, and good customer service, although I have never had a problem with any of the items before.

Anyhow, I got my goodies, installed the motherboard into the case, put in the CPU, the fan, ram, video, etc...

No video at all. I try the video card in another system, it works; I try a new video card in the new system, still doesnt work. I try everything I can think of. I call Essential, get an RMA, and ship it all back.

Couple days later, I get a call from Essential. They say I must have installed the cpu wrong (I've installed a million CPUs..i know how its done) and pin 1 fried the cpu. cpu is dead. more bad news: the pin from the cpu broke and its in the motherboard and they cant get it out. They wont replace either item as it's because of my fault and not a manufacturer defect. We go around and around, I talk to several people there, and no go. The items are currently in transit back to me.

Essential said I need to go through Intel and Gigabyte to get RMAs directly and hopefully get my stuff replaced through them. I can't get any further with Essential.

I am just looking for some suggestions I suppose. Has anyone had any luck dealing with Intel or Gigabyte? Any suggestions as far as how I go about it with them? Should I NOT deal with them directly? Could what happened to the CPU be from anything other than a mistake on my part (I still am convinced it was not my fault)? Any suggestions would be a great help. Saved for 6 months to scrape enough dough together to buy the system and it makes me sick to think that I have $500 or so down the drain just because Essential won't do anything about it. Grrrrrrr.
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  1. Well, as much as u say uve put together many systems and say ur no novice does not mean u did not make a mistake.....1st rull of thunb is to keep all possibilities open...

    Anyways.....when u put the CPU in the first time...did it just fall into the socket on its own or did u have to help it at all? Becasue if u had to help it, thats a clear indication that it was inserted if u didn insert it and it fell in on its own...than those ppl. at essential are lying to u and there tech guy messed up and they dont wanna claim responsibilty towards it....ALSO.....ur Gigabyte motherboard...should be perfectly fine......the CPU if the pin is bent or broken off or if it "fried" the cpu than board should still be far as dealing with Intel..ive heard there pretty good......ur only problem is uve suffered physical damage........therefore Intel will not replace ur chip......physical damage is grounds for voiding ur warranty.....therefore ur SOL on the CPU.......sorry bud....

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  2. What video card were you using in the first place?

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  3. You get any beeps or anything when you tried to boot? You just say "no video". You get drive noises? LED's? Since the card worked in other machines, we know that there was another problem there. Nothing wrong with that video card.
    If gigabyte gets that board back and see a Pin broken off in it, then I doubt they will replace it. Intel, I believe, is a little more leniant. Nevertheless, you would have known if your CPU was seated properly or not. The CPU should fit loosly (has some play) in the socket until you drop the arm down.....that's when it'll lock in. You didnt have to force in/pry out the CPU did you?

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  4. I took a look at the Socket 478 lay-out (not an Intel user myself) and if the CPU has all the pins the is NO WAY you can incorrectly insert the CPU. If you look at the pic of the socket at <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> page you see that there are 2 empty spaces where there aren't any pins, if you turn the CPU another way you can't possible insert the CPU without breaking 2 pins and using a lot of pressure.
    If you could insert the CPU with no problem and could remove it with easy, then they have inserted the CPU wrong or to rough and broke a pin.

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  5. the cpu just dropped in. moved the lever over, and it gets pretty tight as you move it into the locked position.

    im certainly willing to take responsibility if i did something wrong, but i honestly dont think i did.

    as far as the video goes, it was an ATI radeon 7500. the mb must take a 1.5V video card, and i double checked that before I put it in. the card defaults to 1.5.
  6. I went through same prob with an AMD, bought a new Motherboard,turned out it was a DOA RAM Chip, Even though it's kingston, I'd check it out,
    Motherboard + CPU + RAM + Vid Card == Video
  7. Well what you describe is normal when installing a CPU, so I guess that company screwed your PC and tries to blame you.

    And that video card should work perfectly on that mobo... but it could be that you didn't pushed the video card into the AGP slot deep enough.

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  8. How the heck do you go about snappnig of ONE pin so that its stuck in the mboard?? They must have worked pretty hard on that one for you. Goodluck getting it all sorted out it sounds like they are screwing you over though. Maybe they arn't sending you your board and stuff back.

    Maybe your board was dead and they had this old dead one at the office with a snapped pin that they couldn't get a refund for so when they got yours well they kind of swapped them.

    I cant understand how you could have snapped the pin if it when in the way you described. SO thats my conspiracy theory alternative scenario.
  9. I can't imagine it either. Unless a pin did get bent, was later straightened, and then snapped under the stress from the ZIF lever.

    I still think the vendor is full of crap.

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