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Hi guys, I was thinking of buying a Lenovo G770 10372KU when I see a Toshiba Satellite P775-S7234.

Which is better taking into account performance, video and value-added?.

The info links are

Lenovo G770 10372KU

Toshiba Satellite P775-S7234

Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. Hello Ashir;

    Overall performance should be nearly identical.
    You can choose the one that is less expensive.
    Or choose the one that has options most important to you. Example; Lenovo has Blu-Ray optical drive - Toshiba does not. Toshiba has USB 3.0 and Lenovo does not.
  2. OK, it looks like Lenovo does in fact have USB 3.0 - it's just very awkwardly listed and easy to miss:
    Lenovo Ideapad G770 datasheet
  3. Best answer
    The toshibia has longer battery Time (Take time with a big grain of salt).
    The Tosibia has a Nvidia GPU and impliments switching from IGP (2D apps) to GPU (3D) apps MUCH better than the Lenovo (AMD GPU).
    You didn't mention If gaming, need to compare the two GPUs for the games you play.
    Added - looks Like 540 is slightly better for gaming:
    End added.

    Blu-ray: Neither laptop supports 1080 (both are 900) display. If use with external monitor/HDTV you would be able to view in 1080. To upgrade the Tosibia to BD drive is about a $100 user upgrade.

    Storage: Looks like neither support a 2nd HDD. Not a Biggy unless you replace the HDD with a SSD and also need the storage space of a HDD.

    Myself, ended up buying the Samsung RF711-S01 - Simular to Toshibia, but with BD combo drive and 2 HDD bays which I stuck 2 Curcial 128 Gig SSDs in. Have the HDD that came with it so can swap it inplace of the 2nd SSD if needed.

    PS the Samsung RF711-S01 is not worth list price, but often goes on sale for $750 @ newegg.
    Currently $980 @ newegg, I bought from newegg for $750:
  4. Thanks for answer guys.

    I haven't notice the longest battery on the toshiba, so that's a plus for me.

    I'm very concern about video performance. I have read that notebookcheck review about ATI 6650M but when I get to Tom's Hardware to see the hierarchy I notice that the Nvidia GT 540M was 16 levels below the top while the ATI 6650M was only 11, matchet by a Nvidia 9800M... Maybe I'm wrong about this, if so, please correct me.

    I was so tempted to Toshiba because of Nvidia enhancements and performance but Toshiba it's having bad comments on certain laptops (bad sound, cracking, sound stop working, touch pad not working or stop working hafter a while, etc), so I'm affraid this may happend with this model. Lenovo it's a robust and rough brand, I've seen laptops endure use and abuse so that made me considere it. On the other hand, Toshiba it's a Japanese industry leader, they have good support, no so much bloat ware...

    I saw the Samsung and, honestly, I'm not confortable buying a laptop from Samsung. A monitor?, a phone?, hell yeah!, but a laptop???. Besides' it's too expensive!, it doesn't have the same amount of RAM nor HD space...

    So, what else can you tell me about ATI HD 6650M vs. Nvidia GT 540M so I can make a choice?
  5. In the first link I provided The performance is simular, maybe a 4% difference 540M favor. On the right side you will find the 540M about 4 up from the 6550M. On the right sid you can go toward the bottom and it shows the performance for many games then if you click on the 540M on the right side it will bring up the 540 and you can then see the performance for it in the games that you play.

    PS that website is SLOWWWWWW so if it seems like it is not responding - go pop a can of beer or get a cup of coffee.

    While I dought you will see any difference in games (the percentage seem to close), the ability to switch between IGP and GPU would be more a more important factor.

    On reliability. I have not seen data that is real current. But about a year ago toshibia was in 2nd place behind Asus for reliability (Fewest problems), HP and Acer sucked hind Ti^&%, and dell/sony were middle of the pack. I have 2 Toshibias that are now about 2 years old and going great.
    For this last one I'd narrowed down to the samsung @ approx $1000 and the Samsung (Wanted dual HDD bays) - When newegg put the Samsung on sale for $750, well $250 - could not pass up. On the Samsung, one negative is the keyboard, works fine - they just moved some keys so takes some getting use to. Their "chat" and phone support is not great, but then most of them are not that great.

    Added. I think samsung trys to be #1 in what ever it sells ie More recommend the F3 HDD over the WD Black (my impression) I've switch. There SSD (470) looks like a winner - fews complaints and I would take over the Intel 320.
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