Golden Orb 3 Vs. Volcano 7

Can you guys tell me what's a better fan for my T-Bird 1400? On the cooling guide it makes the Orb 3 look like it's the best, but the Volcano 7 has a all the awards and recommendations there, what's going to cool better?
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  1. Well, in my experience with the Dragon Orb 3 I can say that its REAL loud (at least it always has been for me). It never really worked all that well for me either. I got the same CPU temps that I did with the included fan/heatsink that comes boxed with a Pentium 3 chip. If you don't want loud, I wouldn't get it.
  2. Volcano 7 is better......its a 80mm variable speed fan..........dragon orb 3 is a 60mm fan (2 of them actually) with really high pitched whinny sounds........its a DECENT cooler but id go for the Volcano 7...i have it and have been ever so impressed with it.......
    running on my XP 1600+ (1400MHz @ 1.660GHz) at 37 degrees celcious under full load.........

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  3. I'm using <b><A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=blue>Vocano 6Cu+</A></b></font color=blue> (it's cheaper $10) and <b><A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=red>Fan speed controller</A></b></font color=red> ($8) for my XP1600+ (oc to 2000+ 1667MHz). It keeps my CPU ~40C (48C max) with its <b>LOW</b> switch.

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  4. I also has Volcano 7 on my other machine (XP1600+ oc to 1667MHz), but the variable speed controller doesn't work very well responding to heat generated by CPU (you can't manually adjust its speed as its brother 7+) so I bought Thermaltake Fan speed controller to set it runs as my desired speed (you have to short 2 wires of Volcano 7's thermistor together for the controller to work).

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  5. Yea i know how it works.......but i did the mod for it.......take the fan off and stick the probe into the bottom of the heatsink and than put the fan back on and the fan will always spin pretty fast.....

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