CPU problems!

I've had a 1 GHz Pentium III for almost a year now, and for the past few months my computer has overheated 2-3 times a day on average. I could turn it on in the morning, with only background programs active and it could crash at any random time. I'm currently using the fan/heatsink that came with the chip (retail), but I've also used a <A HREF="http://www.thermaltake.com/products/orbs/dragon3.htm" target="_new"> Dragon Orb 3</A>. The one that runs at 7000 RPM. However, the Dragon Orb did not help at all. My system still ran between 40-50 C. I tried taking both side of my case off and that did not help either. I'm pretty sure that CPU is the problem. When the computer crashes, the screen goes blank and after a few seconds it starts beeping, first at a low pitch, then a high one. The beeping continues at even intervals (low pitch, then high pitch). Once I shut off the power and turn it back on the system goes into the BIOS setup and says that there has been an error in the internal CPU frequency. I have also applied new thermal grease to the heatsinks of both fans, but that does not seem to help either. If anyone has any ideas, anything would be appreciated.

System Specs:
Pentium III 1 GHz FC-PGA
Asus TUSL2-C (i815 chipset)
512 MB PC133 SDRAM (Micron CL3)
300W power supply
SB Live! Platinum 5.1
Creative Encore PC-DVD 8X w/ DXR3 Decoder
HP 9300 CD Burner (10x4x32)
Asus 8440 GeForce 4 (Ti4400)
Netgear 311TX ethernet card

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  1. Maybe that error is in regards to the Proc trying to step down? Your temps don't sound to high. Whats the ambient? Make sure the surfaces of the processor, and heatsink are SPOTLESS before reapplication. Your thermal grease should be a little more than a [-peep-] hair....on an asian girl.

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  2. Out of curiosity...what do u mean by "the heatsinks on both fans" ???? yes theres 2 fans IN the dragon orb 3 but theres only one heatink.......do u mena u took the top storm fan off and put Thermal Compound between the 2 fans?? cuz if u did i swear to god ive never heard of ne 1 doing that and it will show to be pointless....not trying to insult u...sorry....it just wont do anything in that case....

    as far as ur crashing...it could be ur ram crapping out......

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  3. 40-50C is a perfect temperature, I don't know why you are complaining.

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  4. I have the same CPU as you and 40-50 degrees is perfectly acceptable i run at about those temps too. 75 degrees is the cut off. I don't think heat is your problem or your mobos sensors are out of whak. Can you try that CPU in another motherboard??

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