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So ive been doing some research about looking into getting a new laptop to replace my current desktop. I live between 2 houses everyother week so as far as portability goes it just needs to be able to get from one house the other and onto my desk. I would like to be able to use the computer for a few years to come and have a price range of $2000. Im looking to get the most powerful laptop in that price range I can get. As far as memory space goes im looking for at least 750Gb optimally.. So here are the 4 laptops I have narrowed it down to but feel free to make your own suggestions.

Sager NP8180
MSI GT7 780R
Asus G74sx
Battalion 101 P150HM (after going through the custimization for this this computer came out the cheapest with now upgrade other than storage and adding a Mouse to 1799)

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Any of those will do fine.
    You might was well go with the least expensive option.
    Or the one with the best reputation and longest/best warranty. (probably Asus 1st, MSI 2nd)
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