Toshiba SATELLITE C660 MODEL 64 bit wifi drivers for windows 7

can i get a driver download from you? :pt1cable: ,i can't get on the net to recover my toahiba satellite ,the lan & wi fi drivers are missing.
I need a download for a toshiba satellittec660d-102
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  1. Go here:

    Work your way down the various drop-down boxes to select Satellite C660D.

    For "Short Model Number" select "PSC0UE"

    For OS, select Windows 7 64-bit.

    Now click "Search"

    Drivers will appear lower down the page (there are two pages of drivers & utilities for this model).

    You can filter out non-required drivers by using the drop-down box at the top to select only the type of driver you require.

    Please note that if installing network drivers, you may also need to install:

    Network Device ID Registry Setting Tool which is at the top of page 2.
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