Gatewaty laptop motherboard dead?

hey all,
I have a 3 year old Gateway M-6755 laptop that quit working. I was working on it and left the room for a few minutes and came back and it was shut off. It was plugged into the wall so I know the battery did not die and I have no sleep timers set on it. I turned it back on but it will not even POST. The power light comes on and I hear the hard drive spin up and start seeking but nothing else comes on. The screen stays black and does not power up. The dvd drive does not spin up and it won't even eject when the button is pressed. I am a pretty tech savvy guy when it comes to desktops but have little experience with laptops. Again, it won't POST (no beeps at all), won't give power to the screen or dvd drive but, will power up the hard drive. Are these signs of a dead motherboard?
thanks for any and all help,
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  1. well those are some of the signs of a burnt motherboard, because i had a compaq laptop whose motherboard got burned, first its CD-rom stopped working, later it only booted sometimes. i would recommend you to give that laptop for someone to check it to see the real issues, just to be sure. Most of the times this issue is caused because of overheat caused by either overclocking or a pretty dusty ventilation hole, because laptops dont really have the space of ventilation that the desktops have and they get dusty real fast
  2. I know its not overheating because I clean the heatsink and fan once a month and don't overclock. I don't know why anyone would want to try and overclock a laptop. Normal stock speeds make them run hot enough. I tested the both ram chips and the hard drive on another laptop and they worked fine. So must be a dead motherboard. damn...
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