appropriate heatsink/fan for Athlon 2200+

Dear all,

I about about to make my first self-assembled pc. I'm basically going for budget gaming/mpeg encoding machine (a paradox isn't it?). I'm basing this system off of the 2200+, but I am not sure how I should go about cooling the CPU. Should I buy a retail box and not worry about it? Should I buy a separate heatsink/fan and install it myself? If so, do any of you who are running athlon 2200+'s have any recommendations as to which cooling solution? I am not looking to break the bank on a cooler ir you know what I mean.

Thanks for your help. Here is the system I plan to assemble:

ath 2200
asus a7v333
gainward gf4 4200
ibm 120gxp 40gb hd
lite on 40x CDRW

Any comments or suggestions about my system configuration are also welcome. Thanks in advance!

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  1. yes, the stock cooler is quite sufficient. assuming your not planning on overclocking.

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  2. If you dont overclock, the one they sell with the processors seeeems to work fine, I wonder why they sell them together?

    Everyone knows that amds melt without watercooling ln2 rigs!

    (this post brought to you courtesy of frustration from posters wondering if the HEATSINK AMD SELLS WITH THE PROCESSOR IS GOOD ENOUGH~!!!!!!).

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  3. Okay okay, sure it seems like a stupid question and I even felt silly asking it, BUT: I read a few things here on THG about AMD requiring sorts of preventative overheating measures for their processors that seemed like they were trying to inform people that the plain old heatsink that came with the processor will run the thing hot.

    Also, after trying to look into what heatsink I should get, people seem very concerned about how hot athlon xp's run. That's just the impression I get, and I can't help but wonder why.

    Thirdly, with this price drop of athlon cpus, I've noticed that the retail boxes, for the most part, still have their high prices. I can't find a retail box for the 2200 with a 3 year warranty that is under $200.

    So, say I had to buy a separate heatsink for this thing that won't be overclocked, what would anyone recommend?

    If I wanted to overclock it, what would you recommend?

    Thanks. Oh, and I DID do a search on this before I posted. Forgive my noobness regarding all other issues PLEASE.

  4. You want a Good cooler that wont break the bank ??

    I Recomend the Thermaltake Volcano 7+ or Volcano 9

    I have the regualr Volcano 7 on my XP 1600+ running at 1.660GHz.....and it runs at 36 celcious with 2 case fans..

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