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Yes, yes.
I know I already a few weeks ago. But for those not following <A HREF="" target="_new">the story of my life™</A>, let's just say my former hopes were stomped by the ugly boot of cruel reality.

However! As someone probably once said:

Thou shall NOT closeth your heart to protect thyself from sorrow; for thou would also rise a wall that happiness could not tear down.

I decided to follow that advice and let my hopes fly high again. I should have enough money to start ordering things in a few days so here I am again, asking for your assistance.

I have debated long and hard with myself on whether i should get all the components for the computer at once and end up with a "not so satisfactory" computer or to get them little by little and spend more to get an kickass rig. I have recently opted for the latter.

So here are the components I am going to start with:<b>

Monitor 19"
P4 1.8A
Motherboard with Lan/Sound </b>(reliable, good for overclocking, USB 2.0 capable.No need for FireWire/serial ata/raid)<b>
512Mb of RAM
Watercooling Case </b>(I'm really sorry guys, but the PC is in my bedroom, and I leave it 24/24, and I'm sensitive to noise. forgive me..)<b>
PSU 300 or 350 W </b>( I think PSUs are overrated. I won't need a 400W+. I can use the money elsewhere

I won't purchase a graphic card/Hard drive/CDRW/Floppy/ right now. I will use the spares I already have and wait to get something really good later.

When I say watercooling case, It has to include the components needed to cool at least the cpu. Not sure about the PSU cooling...

Those are the rules of the game. If you could include arguments, details and prices, I would be willing to transfer HUGE amounts of money to your favorite bank accounts!!!!!*

* Restrictions Apply.
* What restrictions you ask?
* Well, basically, it's a lie.
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  1. Send me $2k and I'll build it for you. The money left over will suffice, no need to transfer any other huge amounts to my favorite bank account!

    <font color=blue>You're posting in a forum with class. It may be third class, but it's still class!</font color=blue>
  2. Your system can be easily done......give us a price limit and i can do it up 4 u!

    <A HREF="" target="_new">-MeTaL RoCkEr</A>
  3. 300-350 for the monitor
    150 or less for the mobo
    less than 300 for the watercooling case
    around 180 max for the memory
    The cpu is a no brainer. I already know how much it is and where to get it.

    what I need here are names, brands, models, prices, specs. i don't need you to physically build it for me. i just need to know WHAT to order.

    and ALWAYS read disclaimers.
  4. Ok...

    Motherboard: Asus P4S533 w/ Audio & Lan SiS645DX Chipset $159.00 CDN
    CPU: Intel Pentium IV 1.8A $269.00 CDN
    Ram: 512MB of PC2700 DDR RAM CL2 $229.00 CDN
    Monitor: Daewoo 19PF 19" .25dp 1600x1200 Perfect Flat $349.00 CDN

    as far as water-cooling case goes.....i dotn have the slightest idea where to get one......

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  5. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> Pretty expensive Canadian pricing for a case, but I think it comes with a kit...

    Is the opportunity to earn money by working, free?
  6. Thank You...
    there all back-ordered though......

    But thats good for reference....anyone know the difference's between all those ?

    <A HREF="" target="_new">-MeTaL RoCkEr</A>
  7. I was leaning towards a samsung or nec monitor. I thought daewoo was not that good.
  8. ok fine....

    Samsung 955DF 19" .20(h) 1600x1200 Dyna Flat $359.00 CDN
    NEC FE991SB-BK 19" .25~.27 1792x1344 Black $499.00 CDN
    Viewsonic P95F+ 19" .25Ag 2048 PerfectFlat $499.00 CDN
    LG Electronics 955FT 19" .24 1600@75Hz Flatron $449.00 CDN
    Daytek 905DF 19" .25 1600 DynaFlat $365.00 CDN
    Hitachi CM715U 19" .22(h) 1600 $455.00 CDN
    Sony G410R 19" .24 1800 $579.00 CDN

    You choose out of all those....

    <A HREF="" target="_new">-MeTaL RoCkEr</A>
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