Windows XP Corporate and Professional editions? *DELETED* *D

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  1. What you are talking about is a criminal activity and could lead to your arrest, conviction, and a stay in a Federal 'Pound me in the Ass' prison!

    Search for corporate or on your left.

    <font color=red>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">The French are being described as cheese-eating surrender monkeys.</A></font color=red>
  2. Do I hear footsteps? Is someone running away? Lol!

    The aim of military training is not just to prepare men for battle, but to make them long for it. <A HREF="" target="_new"><b>MY SYSTEM</b></A>
  3. Yeah, I think DH was a little ruff, it would only mean Club Fed not a year in the poke-me. He wouldn't really be hurting anyone, except the Knobs on the hill, and we've all taken a few from them. That's why you must say things like; 'Theoretically if you did...' , 'Well one could do X but that would technically be...'

    Run F-O-R-E-S-T Run!

    - You need a licence to buy a gun, but they'll sell anyone a stamp <i>(or internet account)</i> ! <font color=red>RED</font color=red> <font color=green>GREEN</font color=green> :tongue: GA to SK
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