A7V333 + XP2200 = Cannot pass CPU test

Hello guys,

I am building my first PC and I ran into a problem. The ASUS A7V333 + XP2200 CPU and when I turn it on, the PC "tells" me that "System Failed CPU TEST".

What am I doing wrong?

Please take it easy on me. I am new to this stuff, but I do understand some things. ;)

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Hmm......u could need a bios update....ur board probably has a bios thats previous to the 0.13 micron process support...AKA Thoroughbred support....if thats the case......u need to borrow sum 1's Duron, T-Bird or other Athlon XP chip previous to 2200+..like a 2100+ or lower........download the bios flash utility onto a bootable floppy, aswell as the updated bios file...and flash the bios...than put ur 2200+ back in....

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  2. Read your manual ;)

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  3. Thanks for your suggestion!

    I got a cheap XP1500 and update my BIOS to the latest verision (1008). Now, my AV7333 has the latest BIOS. Also, of course, the system booted up fine with the XP1500. I am in the Jumper Free mode and everything went smooth. I booted from a floopy to DOS 6.2 and updated the BIOS.

    After I did that, I plugged the XP2200 back in. Same "SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST" error message. What can it be now?

    Please help.

  4. It sounds more to me like your motherboard doesn't support the processor. I do not know this board, what does the manual say on the fastest processor it supports?

    Knowledge is the key to understanding
  5. Well than it sounds to me liek ur chip is a dud.....bring it back to the place u baught it from and exchange it....tell them it doesnt work.........tell them u used a different XP chip and it worked, but that particular one u have gives u the error it does......if they still dont believe u or wont do it.....bring ur whole tower with u to the place and turn it on and they'll see.....

    looks like a defective chip.......

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  6. Oh, BTW.....1008 is not the latest bios.....1011 is....

    and ive made it easy for u.......click <A HREF="http://cgi.asus.com.tw/cgi-bin/dl.asp?filename=mb/socka/kt333/a7v333/av33311.zip" target="_new">HERE</A> and u can download it.........

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  7. I am having a similar problem. I recently purchased an Asus A7V333 and an Athlon XP 2200+. When I boot into BIOS, there is an error on the side that says the cpu frequency does not fit the components. My CPU multiplier is at 13x. I have not updated the BIOS but will try it.
  8. the 2200+ is a 1.8GHz part is it not?? Therefore id say ur multiplier is set wrong....cuz 13.0 x 133 = 1729.....thats not 1800MHz =) 13.5 x 133 = 1795.5 which IS 1800.....so set the multiplier to 13.5....and make sure ur FSB speed is at 133MHz.......unless ur overclocking than by all means change it as much as u want!

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  9. I am encountering the same problem with the same a7v333 and an xp2000. Several posts I have read indicate that shorting of the motherboard is a problem. The common gotcha is that your replace an old mb with a new one and the little brass risers in your case no longer line up with a mount point on the a7v333. If the riser touches the board in the wrong location - zap.

    I think this may be my problem. I had a ill placed riser from my old mb. I removed it, replaced the mb with a new one and it now works.

    Check out this thread...

    <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=516910#516910"" target="_new">http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=516910#516910</A>

    Check out this website...

    <A HREF="http://a7vtroubleshooting.com" target="_new">http://a7vtroubleshooting.com</A>

    should we be worried that there is an entire website dedicated to troubleshooting our board? me thinks so :(
  10. Im using a A7V333 with a 2200+ Cpu, I havnt tuched my bios (1008) and it worked fine from the start.

    I suppose that the CPU might be defective, since I dont think its the motherboards fault.
  11. This isn't entirely related to the topic, but I thought you all may want to know this. I have this mobo, life is good, but if you run the Asus Probe to check the temps and fans, you need to be on bios 1011, as this has corrected the incorrect temperature readings. Bios 1008=65 degrees under stress, Bios 1011=55 under same conditions.

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