Laptop wont start after failed WIndows 7 installation

Hi there, I just typed for .. EVER on a thread and accidently deleted everything.. god I hate my girlfriends computer.. but to the point:

While reinstalling Windows 7 on my Laptop (a HP HDX 16 pavillon) the electricity went off mid-installation.

After rebooting I can now not do a single thing anymore. I get to the HP screen (indicating that i should press "Esc" to get into Bios - however that doesnt work). Im stuck at that screen and it wont do anything at all (except restart if i hit ctrl+alt+del.. which isnt really helping)

To install windows i used a usb-stick with the windows installation on it (and bootable.. Ive been using that stick for 2 years and have installed iwndows about 6 times with it so I dont think there is a problem there).

I dont know what to do anymore :( Can anyone help me? What is my next step?

Kind regards,


ps: Sorry if this is the wrong section, I have no idea where to put it but decided on this forum because I was/am installing Windows 7
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  1. ??? what Happen to the Battery in the laptop, this should have been fully charged when starting the installation and would have prevented this problem. As soon as Battery got low, (or when AC was Lost, you could have simply cancelled installation.

    Pull the HDD, restart laptop, to see if you can get into the BIOS. If you can not get to Bios, you have a MUCH BIGGER problem than just a corrupted HDD.

    1) can not get to bios with HDD removed: you will need to try clearing the CMOS, by removing the CMOS Battery and leaving it out for 5 Minuites (Also have the laptop battery removed. If you still can not get to BIOS - You will need to either return to manuf or take to a shop for repair.

    2) If you can get to bios, do a "reset bios default values.

    3) If good upto this point, but still can not re-install windows, then
    .. You will need to:
    A) try to fix the HDD by downloading the HDD manuf HDD utilities or down load Ultimate Boot CD and run the HDD diagnostics - also delete any and all partitions on the drive.
    If you can not fix the HDD it is probably a sector 0 problem and may not be "fixable" at your level - ie try a 2nd HDD.
  2. Thank you for your quick answer!

    Well I have to say the battery wasnt in to begin with. Is that a problem? :/

    Is there a guide somewhere about how to remove the HDD from my Laptop? Its a HP HDX16-1101EG Premium Notebook PC. Should I just look into the manual? Im kind of afraid of opening up, since I never did it befor!

    At any rate, thank you for your help so far!

  3. Okay so I did as you said.

    Suprisingly enough (for me at least ^^) I was able to access BIOS while my HDD is removed! I did reset everything to default, however my problem persists. As soon as the hdd is plugged back in I can't do anything at all. I just get to the first screen (showing me the hp logo and indicating the option to enter the BIOS - which still doesnt work as long as the HDD is plugged in).

    So I dont see how to boot from anything or try to acces my hdd to clean it any way because my pc just stops functioning as soon as the HDD is in.

    Again thanks for the help so far, I hope anyone knows something!

  4. Well, even ultimateboot, or anything for that matter does not produce any fix or solution so I guess I will just try to bring it to a "specialist" tomorrow. Thank you for your help, I guess there my hdd might just be completly broken.. though it is weird since everything worked perfectly fine this morning. Only aftermy failed installation did it stop working..

    well anyhow, all the best, Ill report back in case I ever find out what went wrong!

  5. Here is what I'd do:
    1) Purchase a 2.5" enclosure.
    Remove the HDD and in enclosure.
    - Need to have downloaded UBCD and put on CD (NOTE, do NOT just copy select putting a ISO (image) on CD)
    - Plug HDD to USB port on laptop.
    - power up laptop, as it is coming up insert the UBCD and try to repair the HDD.

    2) Buy a 2.5" HDD

    I always leave the battery in my laptops when using them, even when on AC power. If battery is removed and you have the Laptop on and using it - If you lose power and the laptop shuts off while writing to the HDD, A) That File is damaged or B) the HDD could be HOSED (as in your case).

    This also applies to desktops, and for this reason I always recommend using an UPS for desktops.

    For UBCD
    if you scroll down the page (my link in first post) you will see diagnostic programs for all the major HDD manuf.
    * Might try GPART (under HDD/Partition management. If this can see the HDD, then just delete all partitions that it finds. Remove HDD from enclosure, reinstall in laptop and rertry win 7 installation.
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