Does My CPU Still Work?

I recently fried my motherboard while trying to connect a hard drive. I did not touch the processer in any way. Will the processer still worked or is it also fried??
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  1. Dude...sorry to hear that. What happened, did you make contact with the board with built up static?

    Anyhow, your CPU may or may not be fried, but its status is completely unique to the event. You're going to need another PC to test it with, if you've got a buddy or even a local computer store (or you may have spare boards). Not that it determines anything, but do you see any markings on the CPU? Discoloration, blackness, etc. Tell us how it happened also if you don't mind.

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  2. In most cased I have heard of someone frying a motherboard most components were fried too. However you may be lucky.
  3. There's one way to find out: plug it into a new motherboard.

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  4. Quote:
    Will the processer still worked or is it also fried??

    Don't think it's fried but anyway you need to test it in other system... to be sure...

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  5. all signs point to maybe. is plugging in a hd that risky? isn't it slotted so you can't plug it in backwards. what happened?

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  6. Just like the new DDR RAM, you can still force it to go in backward.

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  7. I was putting in another hard drive, when me and my brother got into an arguement. Im guessing I built up static and touched the motherboard. My video card didn't work after that, it only read 4 out of 32mbs of ram. When I removed the processer, it was fine. It had some black stuff on it but it was from the fan. The fan has some sort of black square in the middle of the copper circle on the bottom and it melted onto the processer. I scratched it all of and it looked fine.
  8. Is there any thing I can do in the future I can do to prevent such accidents? My friend told me you can make anti-static bracelets. Any idea how to make those or something else similiar?
  9. the easiest way is to ground yourself somehow, i usually keep my arms on the outside of the case at all possable times when i go into my computer, although that's not always promised safe.

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  10. Best thing to do is make sure then plug is still on the PSU and plugged in, but keep thwe switch on the power supply whiel ur workign on the inside, keep ur hand on a metal piece of the case...that grounds urself so that it automaticaly gets rid of any static thats in/on ur body......

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