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Hey all. I've just had the weirdest problem with my computer. I reinstalled windows 98se the other day and i didn't notice it until about a minute ago, but when my computer boots up, it shows that my processor is an Athlon Xp 1700+.. the only problem is it's a 1900+. I've tried setting the multiplier manually to 12, but it reads as 1700+, as if it were an 11x multiplier. When i set it to 11, it still reads 1700+, and when i set it to 11.5, it reads as an 1800+.. when i set it about 12, it reverts back to 11 and 11.5. I don't know what the hell is going on.. can anyone help?
Athlon XP1900+
Epox 8k3a+
Leadtek GF4 Ti4400
256 MB PC3000 DDR Corsair
Santa cruz

Also, my processor is unlocked and when it was normally working, i could not set the multiplier to 9 or 9.5 because it would say the multiplier was 7 or 7.5, and it wouldn't boot on either 10 or 10.5. I have not kept this processor overclocked for more than a day. Please HELP!

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  1. The BIOS is reading it as a 1700+? Appearently, it is trying to lock the multiplier in at 7 or 7.5. Have you tried setting the clock multiplier to auto, or does your board not support that?

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  2. I'd say your unlocking work needs some checking. You may have to apply some more material to connect the L1 bridges.
  3. yeah it was on auto when it was messing up. I turn off auto and tried setting it manually but it didn't work. If its a problem with the unlocking procedure, i'm just going to clean it off and not re apply it because it's a major pain in my ass. Anyway, thanks for the responses.

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  4. well i know for a fact that the 8k3a+ occasionally has problems booting up with the 11x multiplier, but your problem sounds like the classic problem associated with unlocking. redo your bridges.

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  5. actually this may seem weird but i'm not going to redo i said earlier, i could never get the 9-10.5 multiplier working.. and right now, i'm running this baby on 9.5 (actually 10.5)x 166MHz. I've been running it for three hours now and i put it through 11 stress tests (i'm gonna do more later). Is it ok to run it like this or will there be a major problem?

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  6. shouldnt be. i did 166fsb for quite some time with my old unlocked tbird 1200C. was very stable. the cpu only died when i forced it up to 1500mhz LOL

    166fsb is nice. PCI and AGP devices perfectly in spec thanx to the 1/5 divider. only real problems are morthbridge overheating (usually not an issue, and can be easily fixed if it does happen by attaching a 40mm fan), and your ram being stable at 166mhz (which it obviously is).

    <b>MegaHertz Matters! ... But you need a chipset with BALLS to back it up!!! :cool: </b>
  7. by my concern is will it hurt the processor since it is technically a bad unlocking job?

    Edit: Btw, i forgot to mention this. I'm actually running on 10.5*166 so it's now a 2100+.

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