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Problem with a laptop keyboard


I just bought a lenovo ideapad y570 (laptop), but I'm worried, because the keyboard has the upper right corner, completely out, just around the corner,
the keyboard works perfectly, but it is uncomfortable that the keyboard is not quite right!
I'm from Costa Rica, and here there is no service for this brand of laptops, and was purchased through of,

what can i do?
Is that bad?
what is your suggestion?
I invoke the warranty?

or is easy to fix?
I need a lot the laptop, because of my studies
and depend on it for almost everything!
and will be very bad for my having to send it back to united states to change me a new one!,
then you know any other solution?

thanks a lot!

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    A pic of the problem would have made it a lot more easier to solve.
    You can solve the problem by yourself though.
    If you brought it from newegg and you open it up I think it will invalidate the warranty but since you have no service for that brand, it just means that you have bought a laptop which cannot be repaired or remedied without paying freight charges to send it to and fro.

    All you need to do is get the key board out and straighten the steel plate thats under the keyboard.
    it must have got bent due to someone trying to pry it out from the side, no realizing that it is screwed to the laptop from the underside.
    Or.... using a blunt screwdriver you could try and push the top (the edge that it popping upwards) down towards the base, gently but firmly.
    That will no void the warranty since you'll not be opening any screws.... :)

    Another note, before you do any of that, just check if the screws holding the keyboard down are all tight and not missing. It could also be that one screw towards the base of the keyboard may have just fallen off or got loose.
    You will be able to see that or find that out if the whole right hand side of the keyboard is loose. or is it just the edge.
    Check and get back.
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