Asus Netbook wont detect charger. Power supply?

Hey Guys. I have the asus eee pc 1215n and it was working fine just a moment ago. i just got home from my friends place where we were doing alot of gaming. the charger was working and was plugged into a surge protector. when i got home i plugged it in and set everything up and it the icon in windows 7 didnt show that it was charging. ( i dont have a surge protector at my house). so at first i thought it was charging but it didnt think it was. so to test it out i switch off the pc and take out the battery and try to boot with just the charger. nothing. dousnt turn on. i put the battery back in and still the same result. th light on my charger is on. what could be going on? I noticed that the plastic covering the scrabble style keybourd had come off slightly on the corner that the charger is plugged into. i tried pushing it back in but it wouldnt click into place, (like it looks like it should). What can I do????

Additional info: This charger came with the computer and i have been using it for a couple of months now.
I have tried takeing out all power sources (battery charger) and holding power button for 30secs and tried booting with battery and charger in and nothing, same result. i need help!
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  1. Well, assuming that the brick is plugged into a live socket, your problem is either the charger or the netbook.

    Well, DUH, right? :)

    Either the brick is bad or the charging circuits inside the netbook are bad. The only way to tell would be to find another Asus netbook and try that charger with your computer.

    If your netbook works, the problem was your charger. You could also try your charger with the other computer, but that is a little more risky. If your charger had something wrong with it, it could conceivably destroy the other netbook.
  2. My netbook works perfectly fine with the battery in. But it won't charge, the socket is working. I can't switch it on without battery and just the charger, so is it the charger or the netbook? The chargers brick led lights up. So is it the charger that's the problem? Or th netbook? Coz as I mentioned there is a gap in that area of the netbook.
  3. mine is doing the same thing. in middle of job i use it for, the power indicator showed it was not plugged in, but it was. the battery soon died. i assumed
    it was charger. got rid of that charger. i used another asus and another charger the other day....same exact thing happened. now the charger, that remains lit while plugged in, won't charge either laptop and both batteries are dead. i did try the first faulty charger in what was the second good laptop, so not sure if that did something. now two laptops, one charger, and no juice. hard to find replacement charger. received wrong size from amazon. M
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