Halleluja, AMD finally gets into the OEM market!

<A HREF="http://www17.tomshardware.com/column/02q3/020819/amd-04.html" target="_new">http://www17.tomshardware.com/column/02q3/020819/amd-04.html</A> Could this be finally the moment we have been discussing since, that AMD needs to get to Top Tier OEMs to go further?
I just wonder how were they finally able to persuade HP to use their systems setups and not just Intel's as the main ones. (I am aware they sell some AXPs, but they never were the big time advertised)

And btw that system setup inside, completly blows the socks off that Gateway Celeron for 599$ or whatever imgod2u told us, so AMD is in!
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  1. I recall HP and Compaq both offering AMD setups for awhile now. Especially Compaq, starting with K6's. While not tier one, MicronPC and a few others offer AMD solutions. So what's the difference with this press release? I'm totally not following as HP has used AMD's already.

    While on the subject, AMD really needs to snag Intel's love child, Dell. That'd be something to see, a Dell w/o an Intel CPU.

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  2. given that fact that amd has lost customers such as dell, ibm, micron, and gateway.. they're sure to be more aggressive in providing deep discount to whoever wants them. hp isn't stupid, they'll take the discount for low-end pcs from amd and they'll take the discount for high-end pcs from intel... good for amd. i'm sure intel is displeased.

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  3. If you read, I mentioned I was aware of at least HP having sold AMDs, but never have they been as the MAIN choices, like Dell's systems advertised. I would love for once to see an OEM add on TV saying just the word "ATHLON" out loud, for people to hear there's a new kid on the block... (who's been there with leading products for 3 years but you don't deserve to hear it you Average Joe crackpots! :lol: )

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  4. Also like the article says, this is just a beginning, or could it be. So it's nothing now, but if it's a start, then this promises a change in how AMD will evolve. Personally if it allows them to generate cash finally, they could at least open more fabs, or put R&D into new technologies like Intel does, rather than always obtain licenses.

    I wonder if this will affect market shares for AMD, in the future.

    Is the opportunity to earn money by working, free?
  5. Its a big start, but also Dell has said they are looking at the Hammer for systems. If AMD can get Dell with the Hammer that would be a major blow to Intel that AMD needs to do

  6. Personally I agree with saying athlon out loud on the TV. We may not like advertising but it works. So what to expect? Little green men dancing around the screen kicking some blue butt!
  7. Id liek to see a comercial like that!

    <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=13597" target="_new">-MeTaL RoCkEr</A>
  8. I can tell you that this computer is what will be coming through my door when the next big computer order comes through at my work.

    Currently we pay over $1,000 for Compaq PIV systems with SDRAM in them. At the price they are offering and performance that blows the socks off my current machine of choice, I will be switching to this model with my next big order.

    Check out my rig:
    <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=3737" target="_new">http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=3737</A>
  9. The only problem is though, especially for Education and Government, this won't really penetrate I don't think. Since these people have been always using Intel (I've gotta say, Intel's fine, except for the higher prices) and I'm sure most are happy about it, why switch to an *unknown* company's products just for $100 less? Think about it. If you had to pay $1000 for something, and you've always used it, and are happy with it, then would you risk $900 to try out something else, that you know basically nothing about? I mean, I know I'd probably pay that extra $100 to get peace of mind...

    But hey, that's just IMO... :smile:

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  10. Schools will probably buy AMD's.

    companies look also to the price because they buy several comps at once.


    And if a new company starts with 200 employees, so more than 200computers, it's a lot cheaper to buy athlons.

    intel= 200*$1000=$200.000
    AMD= 200*$900=180.000
    difference of $20.000

    If I buy the boxed version of the "hammer", will I get a box of nails for free??
  11. Yeah, but I'd think non IT pros would think that Intel's better cause of the *MHz* and also cause they're just more known.

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  12. I doubt it, a lot of companies don't even care for the Processor name, it really is all about price and features. BTW most of these Intel combos do cost much more, as some guy here outlined, the price for the P4 with SDRAM is 1000$ per system, this HP combo gives you all you saw in the picture, and I'd think that this is the entryway for AMD. I really do hope with all my heart that this will allow AMD to finally start raking some $$$ back and take some market share. With that and the recent suing, it might give a message out to the companies out there stuck behind Intel JUST for the name. If anything is to be blamed, it's people with closed minds, so the fact big OEM makers like HP are putting this as an IT business machine, might just show some new sights for AMD, not the glum stuff that has been happening to them recently in light to Intel's new 0.09m foundings. Also not to mention HP is with Compaq, so who knows what will happen with Compaq, towards AMD.

    Now that is competition indeed, and as usual it only helps. Intel can withstand that, for sure.

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  13. The guy who wrote that article said some may question why they went with the Nforce, instead of VIA, SiS, ALi...well, because these people are smart. SiS integrated chipsets have a HORRIBLE reputation concerning the stability of their video drivers, etc. And VIA has always been nothing but trash, the bain of IT managers existance. The nForce has more than just the best performing integrated hardware, it has the advantage of reasonably good drivers and no relationship with VIA's architectural problems.

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  14. let me put it this way. some schools only have coke vending machines while some school only have pepsi vending machines. why? aha! these smart companies aren't just offering their cokes/pepsi (vanilla coke is so awesome!) to the students, they're offering incentives like contributions/support as well. (hmmm, for people not in school, you can ask why there's only coke now at regal cinemas and burger king)... anyways, intel has deep ass pocket books. they contribute billions to education. i've visited universities that has 'pentium computer labs'... amd has no pocket books, in fact they're losing money for almost a year now for christ sake!!! schools need cheaper better performing computers, yes.. BUT they like the incentives and contributions BETTER!

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  15. Well done shallowbaby, never thought of that one before. But very true. Intel has helped the society a lot more than AMD...

    <i>Past mistakes may make you look stupid, but avoiding future ones will make you look smart!</i>
  16. I have to say shallowbaby that was a very good point that you made. I just like the fact that its neck to neck between intel and amd. And when the nforce 2 comes out with Dual chanell ddr its gonna be even better.

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  17. Almost all the systems I deal with are AMD, because I am head of our budget line. If you can call it a budget line, they are pretty damn strong. I would like to redo the line again, but its not up to me.

    Our big line use a mixture of P4s and AMDs, and price, there is no limit on price.

    I would like to see more ads from AMD; and it looks like that very well could happen.

    I wonder how pissed Intel will get if the new HPs have the Athlon inside.....:)

  18. Yes and no Shallowbaby; I've done work for companies that put bids into schools and business to build and put machines in their buildings.

    Schools and businesses it came down to the lowest bidder with decent refs.

    Nvidia has made a nice name for itself with the IT industry, HP/Compaq have the largest computer market share now. Put those together with a much lower starting price than Intel IT machines, with better performance; they will sell.

    Talk about Universities, now they handle things a little different than K1-12 schools and business. They will take bids and incentives to buy products. But the IT department doesn't care if its Intel or AMD. Half the lab at the university I am at part time is AMD machines.

    Why? Because the company they were bought from gave the lowest bids for the school; and had done the machines for the last 5 years.

    Computing Department Professors also wanted the AMD processors to show and teach students about the different processors on the market and how each takes an appoach at doing its job.

    Bottom line, money takes, and if you can save your company 20,000+ thousands of dollars by going with a better performaning computer.

    Guess what machines will be bought?

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