2.5ghz AMD Tbreds....!....?


Quotes from above link:

"We have tested the card on a Pentium 4 2.53GHz system and also an AMD 2.485GHz system. The AMD numbers were done on a yet-to-be-announced CPU based on the Thoroughbred core."

AMD 2.48GHz (15*165) - EPoX 8K3A+, 1 x 512MB Corsair PC3200 DDR Ram, Maxtor 40GB ATA133 HD, Windows XP Professional; VIA 4n1 Driver v4.42; ATi Catalyst Driver v02.2; NVIDIA Detonator Driver v30.82. This is an overclocked system running with an overclocked AGP bus at 82MHz and PCI bus at 41MHz."


Rumor's going around at AMDMB.com is that a new T-bred with heatspreaders, and possibly a 333mhz(166) FSB will be announced wednesday...

2.5ghz XP is like... what? a 3ghz P4? 3.1?

All I know is, I want one :P
Whatever it is, it sounds like it must overclock really well :P
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  1. I allready covered this in another thread.
    but yeah. would be nice... but im personally waiting for 512k cache, 166fsb barton.

    <b>MegaHertz Matters! ... But not without Cache our a decent chipset!!! :cool: </b>
  2. Sorry :P

    Didn't see the thread/post... I even looked for one before I posted...lol :P

    I musted have missed it.
  3. yep and from that thread is only pretty much "keeping up" with the intel chip. hmm wonder if amd had to fall back on their own "hollow hertz" in order to get a good revision?
  4. While I agree, the results somewhat disappoint -seeing as the XP2200 COULD compete the 2.53GHZ in 3dMark 2001, while now in that test, at near 2.5GHZ, it doesn't, makes no sense- the results are also normal in some areas. If some of you looked at the CPU and card scaling from THG's article, you'll see that even jumping from a P3 800MHZ to a P4 2.53GHZ on the Rad 9700, ONLY added 5 FPS or so. So the bottom line is some game benchmarks are never going to reveal this new Tbred's performance. But yes I am skeptical about some results, and would like to know more. However if these are indeed the new overclocker batches, maybe the Tbred was not so bad after all.

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