AMD in the OEM Market - Part 2

I dunno if anyone saw this already put check this out...
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This one too...<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  1. Wow even Compaq is doing this. I wonder what Dell will do.

    In anycase, as said, this is probably only the beginning. I do hope this goes on, AMD could easily gain friendship along the way, from big time companies. SUN already is tied with them, so that's a good thing too.

    Is the opportunity to earn money by working, free?
  2. i forgot where i read the article. but ibm already has their database tech ported to x86-64
  3. about time AMD forced its way into the OEM field... and the XP + Nforce is the ideal way to do it.
    when the nforce first came out i didnt like it much as it was very integrated and not suitable for the homebuilders.
    but with an OEM setup its ideal.
    "good" integrated graphics, quality sound, lan...
    why the hell didnt they do it when the nforce first came out?

    <b>MegaHertz Matters! ... But not without Cache our a decent chipset!!! :cool: </b>
  4. i believe its cuz the nForce was not proven at the time of has now been proven.....therefore all this peopel are starting to use it.........thats what i figure anyways....

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  5. hmmm yes... thats proly a big part of it.
    unproven chipset, made by a company new to the chipset business. and didnt they have driver problems/ delivery problems to begin with too?

    <b>MegaHertz Matters! ... But not without Cache our a decent chipset!!! :cool: </b>
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