Radeon HD 6770M vs GTX 560M

I'm trying to find a nice new laptop within my budget.. and I'm torn between these two:


Now I'm aware neither are the best on the market for gaming, and I will be using it for a lot of different stuff, working aswell. Any advice appreciated! What's the most bang for my buck?
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  1. Hello Muffin117;

    The GTX 560M would be a substantial upgrade over the Radeon HD 6770M for gaming graphics.
    Also the Asus has a Full HD 1920x1080 LCD vs HP's 1366x768 LCD.
    Last I looked, there is an option for the HP to get a 1920x1080 LCD screen for about $150 when configured through the HP website.
  2. Thanks for fast replies! I see the gtx 560m is better... but its still $200 more.. tough choice still, haha! Thanks though!
  3. You can get a pretty decent gaming experience with the HD 6770M. It might be enough for what you want.
  4. I'm aiming to run BF3 on any new laptop I buy.. but I really don't care if the graphics are "perfect". I've heard Bad Company 2 and BF3 have roughly the same requirements. If so, I suppose the 6770 would be enough. Thanks again
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