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CPU heat what is too hot ?

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August 21, 2002 5:14:02 AM

I did a check on my system and cpu too see what the heat was becouse it seams hot to me..
I have a ecs k7s5a mobo ... xp2100 chip but my heat info is
system 41c/105 f
CPU 58c/136 f
What is normal and what is too hot ?

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August 21, 2002 6:15:43 AM

Many people would say that's too hot, but that's about normal for an XP 2100+ using retail cooling.

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August 21, 2002 6:16:52 AM

58C isn't in the dangerous range, it may shorten lifespan a little. I think if you were to get the case temp down that would solve help quite a bit.

My CPU tends to run 12-13 degrees higher than my case temp, but I also have a good heatsink and a 22 inch fan circulating the air. Right now it is 22C system and 35C CPU.

If you can get better airflow in your case, and it isn't in a closed space you should be able to drop temps a good 10C depending on your room (25-30 for room temp), but you really aren't too bad.
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August 21, 2002 3:12:06 PM

Thanks people.. i am going to set it up on a table a put a fan by it also... Thanks
August 21, 2002 3:57:23 PM

22 inch fan circulating the air

WOW!! :eek: 

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August 21, 2002 4:17:57 PM

Yep, 22 inch, almost 2 feet wide. One of those big square window fans that everybody buys in the summer. I have the side of my case open and the fan is a little towards the front of the opening to allow air to exit the back of the opening.

My computer is in an outer room with cables run through the wall, so it is very quiet.
August 21, 2002 4:23:23 PM

Just outta curiousity, what kind of dust accumulation do you get from that? How often do you need to use the can blower?

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August 21, 2002 4:39:29 PM

Hmmm... you do realize you shouldn't have to do that...?

<i>Past mistakes may make you look stupid, but avoiding future ones will make you look smart!</i>
August 21, 2002 6:32:11 PM

Actually I don't have to blow it out more than once or twice a year, but I work at a computer repair shop and just borrow one of the cans from work.

I know I don't have to, but in the winter last year I had a system temp of about 0-5C and a CPU temp as low as 15C. When I OCed it jumped back up to about 23C. Not to bad for air cooled.

This year I have a better heatsink, so we will see what I can reach.

Also, I am hoping for Serial ATA if that will work with a CD-Rom and an adapter so I can run the Drives into my room (it's too cold to go out and switch CD's when you are playing a game)
August 21, 2002 6:40:42 PM

I first put it there because my CPU fan was failing and I couldn't bear to live without the computer until I bought a replacement. Now it is addictive to see how low I can go. :smile: