Ok, ive just started overclocking my 750 P3 with CPUFSB. Ive got it up to 840 so far without any voltage mods but im scared to go any further. If The computer did crash would the settings be reset if I restarted my computer? I havent clicked 'Save' yet but im just worried that I wont be able to reverse it.

P.S I know ive double posted this but I didnt get any reply in the overclocking section so I put it here also

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  1. if it doesnt reset the settings automaticaly all you have to do is purge the bios, that sets every thing to default.

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  2. I would push the thing. You do know how to reset BIOS? If so, then have no fear! I would push the thing up to around 1.95v at 133MHz FSB in one shot. If that works, I would try backing down the voltage until you find the lowest stable voltage for it.

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