Gigabyte netbook not booting up

Hey, I removed windows 7 starter from my gigabyte netbook to install windows xp.I removed the hard drive and deleted it with my i cant load xp onto it cause the netbook not even booting up. i set the bios to boot from usb external dvd but stil nothings happens...what should i do or did i punck myself.please help
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  1. Hello chriswill;

    "Gigabyte netbook" is that the best you can to to ID the actual model?

    What happens when you use the F9 key (keep tapping it) after turning the power on?
  2. Its a M1022 model without the 3g and bluetooth. pressing the F9 button doesnt seem to work cause it keeps saying missin system32 dll file.I made sure not to tamper with that part of hdd but it seems something went wrong somewhere.
  3. chriswill said:
    pressing the F9 button doesnt seem to work
    was that with the HDD back in the case and not as an external drive?
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    I haven't had any luck finding a solution online.

    In your case I'd build a bootable thumb drive with it's own OS - like a LiveCD or Rescue CD. You should be able to get in and inspect the hard drive and see if that hidden restore partition is still in place.

    I use Ubuntu Desktop
    but you can google LiveCD or RescueCD and find options that also work on a thumb drive.
  5. I heard about booting from a flash and downloaded wintoflash app.I loaded my vista os on my flash drive and booted from ther.My netbook is ok now running with vista but i learned alot from this experience, planning to load windows 7 premium soon in the same way and work with that.Thanks for the answers,it pointed me in the direction.
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