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I have had my computer for about a year now and it has always been 100% reliable, but the other day i moved it on a long journey and when i tried to turn it on it just didnt do anything (lights and fans turned on but it didnt boot up and nothing appeared on the screen, harddisks didnt spin), i checked the graphics card and monitor and they appear fine, i took out my modem, network and cd rw/roms but that didnt help, all i can think is that the motherboard is broken or maybe the cpu, but i cant think how they could have broken, does anyone have any ideas about what might be wrong or why? It seems really wierd to me because it never crashed or anything like that and although the cpu did sometimes get a bit hot (40-60 degrees)it was always reliable, and i thought that even if the cpu was broken at least some sort of message would come up on the screen, but now not even the first message saying about the graphics card comes up.

my system is;
asus a7m266-e
thunderbird 1400 mhz
gf2 mx400
2 x 256 mb ddr ram (512mb)
generic 300w power supply
17 inch monitor
on board sound
two 20 gb harddisks using onboard raid 0

thanks a lot for any help.
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  1. About the only thing that can happen with a move is something comes loose. Go through and re-insert everything such as memory, all the motherboard plug ins, etc. Sometimes that's all it takes!

    Good Luck!

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  2. Yes go over everything and make sure connections are tight. Do you hear the post beep when you turn it on?
  3. i had a simliar problem, but not to the extent that you did. my last tbird system was moved quite often. during such a move, things do come loose. mostly importantly, the HSF.

    i assume that you impatiently connected and powered on your system before check that everything is in order and that all parts are tightly connected?

    if you HSF became loose (highly probable), then your cpu is fried.

    if you can get into bios and check your cpu temp, you can easily verify this.

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  4. Judging from what u say ur porblem is.......problem is 1 of 2 things...

    1) Your video card jumped out of the AGP Slot
    2) Your HSF cracked the core of the CPU during the mayeb it didnt crash into anything....but going over bumps or anything of the sort could have shook the HSF vilently....

    Infact something similar happened to a buddy of mine......had his comp. on a colapseable table.....was a Athlon T-Bird 800 at the time.......anywas the table came loose......and the comp. slid down...not really crashed......but anyways the result was the CPU cracked on 2 corners...........this was with a Volcano 6Cu HSF....

    I recomend u take ur HSF off, look at ur CPU see if its cracked anywhere...if not, ur lucky...and its something minor...and than i recomend liek everyone else said....disasemble stuff....than re-connect them....anything thats a conection............

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  5. One thing I've seen is the switch on the back of the PSU that changes operation between 120/220v becomes dislodged. Check that.

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  6. Doh. I didn't notice that the lights blinked. Disregard last post.

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