Compaq Presario F700 won't boot from DVD drive

Hello all. My friend gave me his laptop to reinstall Windows 7 for him. We backed everything up and are ready to reinstall and reformat. Problem is, even though I set the DVD drive to boot first from the BIOS, it won't actually load the DVD. It will sit at a black screen for about 20 seconds and then asks which version of Windows I'd like to load. It simply won't bring up the text "Press any key to load from CD". Does anyone have any suggestions or know why this would happen? Thank you very much in advance!
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  1. What do you mean it asks "which version of Windows you would like to load". Windows 7 is only 1 version of Windows.....Is there a F system reserved?

    Sounds like you need to format the hdd, delete F, and then try to load from dvd.
  2. It's showing the version of Windows 7 that is currently installed. It's virus-ridden and basically inoperable. There is no secondary partition on the HDD. All I'm trying to do is boot from the official Windows 7 DVD and reformat/reinstall. It's not allowing me to boot from the DVD even though it's set to load from the drive first. The disk shows up in Windows explorer (it loads, but takes a good 10 minutes before you're able to do anything) but the computer simply will not boot from the drive. Any other ideas?
  3. If it shows two windows 7 in the said menu try selecting the second one should be from the dvd
  4. It doesn't show two installs. It only shows the one current one. I just can't understand why it won't boot from the DVD drive. It's really frustrating. Thanks for your help so far!
  5. It's a compaq that's why. Format the hdd and delete F system reserved and try again.
  6. No luck. Since it won't boot from the drive and there's no OS installed, it's basically a paperweight. Any other suggestions? Thanks again!
  7. Well, problem solved. I took the HDD out and put it into my laptop, reformated, and it's good to go. Thanks for the suggestions!
  8. Now your thinking. Great, glad you got it working.
  9. ive also got this problem , laptop wont recognize the dvdrom in the boot menu

    everything was working fine until it got a virus and i went to reinstall win7

    ive taken hd out and formatted it on pc

    any help much appriciated
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