Acer Aspire One 522 - is CPU upgradable?

For those that upgraded RAM on their Acer 522, did you see if the CPU was socketed or soldered onto the motherboard?

In other words, can the CPU be upgraded?

I don't care if it's economical or not, just want to know yes or no.
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  1. i upgraded the ram in my 522, but didn't look at the APU.

    the C50 APU is a chip-on-board, it's not meant to be replaced or removed.
    as such, the mobo likely isn't flexible capable of recognizing anything other than a C50 APU.
    even if it could, i'm not certain any other AMD APU (such as an E350) would even fit.
    and on top of that, where would you even find an E350 APU by itself?
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