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Hello everyone.

Iv got a question regarding the latest review of the Amd Athlon XP 2600 and the support of the various chip sets.

Iv got an Asus A7V133A and as far as im aware the board can support the XP cpu.

When i read the review and got to the part about Platform Support at .It says that the new Thoroughbred "B" Core isnt supported by the 133A chipset but the A core is. Now the big question is why not????

Can anyone explain this to me and maybe confirm that the A core does work in a 133A chipped board.

Looks like the end of my MB is here. Boo Hoo

Thanks Ahead

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  1. hmmm.... maybe because the 16x multiplier cannot be programmed into the BIOS of such an old chipset.

    they might release a updated one later on, who knows?

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  2. Thanks for the info lhgpoobaa.

    Silly me, i should have thought of that. Yes, my board only goes up to X14 so thats a max of 1862 at 133. Oh well so much for that then.

    Thanks Again
  3. Take a look at <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A>.

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  4. but it may change... most motherboards are the same... you may notice in the bios that your missing the half multipliers above 12 or 13... with the newer cpu's they do some sort of virtual multiplier assignment, thus the reason for bios updates. wheather thats possible with you bios i dont know.

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  5. You could always get the XP 2200+

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  6. Seems kinda pointless to me getting such a high-megahertz processor with PC133. Kinda holds the thing back a bunch. You'd probably get better performance buying a new DDR motherboard and a lower clocked Athlon than keeping your motherboard.

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