Hammer, and the rise or fall of AMD in 2003

Hi all its been ages since I posted a thread.

All I can say is that I am eagerly waiting for AMD to release thier Hammer based processors in 2003. It has been long stated by AMD in thier presentations that Hammer processors will offer 20-25% performance increase than the Athlon (<A HREF="http://www.amd.com/us-en/assets/content_type/DownloadableAssets/Opteron_Press_Preso2.pdf" target="_new">Source - p.13</A>). 5% due to on core enhancements and 20% due to the integrated memory controller.

Is this percentage comparing Hammer to the Palamino, T-bred or Barton ? Cause if AMD are stating only 5% increase in performance due to on core enhancements I am thinking they are comparing it a Barton. If they were comparing it to a T-bred I should think the figure should be more like 10%.

If my assumptions are true this could mean that Hammer may perform 20-25% better than Barton.

What you reckon ?

<font color=purple>Ladies and Gentlemen, its...Hammer Time !</font color=purple>
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  1. Welcome back gobbledegook! Hey this is nice, much of the old guys are coming back posting!

    Back to topic, I can honestly say it is unknown until now just how far is it estimated that ClawHammers will be better. I personally do not want to discuss it anymore until AMD releases some new GOOD news. So far there has been nothing but bad news, like for example the recent Tbred XPP3400 tests on THGC showing it being beaten by P4s not even at 3GHZ. Makes you wonder how CH will do if it debuts at PR3400.

    Also there has been so many questions like these recently, though I won't give you the "search before you post" treatment, since you were away for a while as it seems, and since you're usually a person who often checks news and posts them. All I can say now is to wait and see, for AMD better have something up their sleeve, because Intel is really roaring now. The 3.06GHZ will have HyperThreading enabled, so that's a big baddie for AMD.

    What I perceive now is that AMD will delay Hammer, especially ClawHammer, for enhancing the Barton. Since they caught back in the competition with the XP2600 Tbred, it is a sign that Barton will come but much later than predicted around now. From what I see, Barton will probably undergo more enhancements than just cache. AMD recently announced officially going to 166MHZ FSB for future K7s, and THG confirmed SOI on Barton is back.
    I just hope in some way, AMD could come back fighting, and hold the Hammer and enhance it, because Intel is no child's play anymore. They are truly innovating more and more, and the more they do, the more I fear competition is being blown away to proportions, which I'd hate to see.

    And now, an advice from your friendly Nike shoes slogan: JUST DO HER!
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