Error in CS

Sometimes when i have left a server and i am just about to join another one, cs locks up and i get an error message:

Counterstrike has caused an error in <unknown>. Try restarting your computer if problems persist.

After this i close down CS, yet if i attempt to close down my computer windows freezes and all icons and the taskbar dissapear, im left with just the mouse pointer.

Im beginning to think it could have something to do with the fact that i only have a 150watt micro atx PSU on a p3 750, 192mb ram. I also see my 5v rail dropping down to about 0.5 volts.

I would be very much so thankful for any reply

If all else fails, Go further :)
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  1. have you installed any cheats or scripts?
  2. no

    If all else fails, Go further :)
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