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i gonna buy a dell inspiron 4gbddr3, core i5 and a 1gb gt 525. i wanted to know if i will be able to play good game on it for example hot pursuit 2, pes 2012, fear,...the latest game...thanks
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  1. I have this model, and I'm playing Starcraft II on medium detail setting and ultra textures with no problem.
    Only problem is that the cpu can get pretty hot after you're playing a lot, sometimes even 90C, but this is safe since
    the it's sandy bridge with the turbo boost 2.0. Also, I'd recommend getting the model with i7 processor. It has 2
    additional physical cores(so 8 cores total due to intel hyperthreading technology), and it costs only 50-100$ more.

    As a conclusion, unless you want to pay a lot more money for a better gpu (nvidia 540m or 555m) it's a great choice.
  2. NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M review
    It's definitely not a top end graphics card. It will play many games on medium but you might need to lower some graphics settings to get smooth, fluid game play.
  3. The GT 525m is good enough to play games with a mix of low and medium settings.

    Regarding core i7 mobile CPUs, only "QM" models are quad cores. Any i7 with just a "M" is a dual core CPU.
  4. thks a lot guy..uve helped me a lot...thx
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