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Does such a thing exist?

I am looking for something like a "convertible" touchscreen laptop w/o the keyboard. I.e., a portable AIO WITH a CD drive.

I just need something that's portable (I work 4 different places). It also has to have a drive that can read CDs. And WiFi capability. And (obviously) at least 2 USB ports, for I like to use my oldstyle clickety clack keyboard and mouse. And many of the buildings I work at only have USB-connected printers or just fax machines.

I was using my HP tx1000 (I would swivel the screen 180 degrees so the laptop keyboard was out of the way) until it started going bananas and probably just needs to go to the retirement home in the sky. It worked well for me, except it was quite cumbersome hauling it, along w/ my preferred keyboard and mouse around.

I would prefer not to use a non-swivel screen laptop, b/c I often do not have enough space for a laptop keyboard AND my wireless keyboard to sit on the work surface.

Does such a machine exist, or should I just start building my hut in the woods and becoming a hermit?

Thank you so much!!!
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    Unfortunetely that is all I can think off, the dell inspiron duo. BUT it doesn't have a CD drive :/ You looked at having a portable usb cd drive?
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    I don't know of any pure tablets (no keyboard included) that have DVD/CD players built in or have 3 USB ports.

    However, there are plenty of swivel tablet PCs from Fujitsu (lifebook series) with touchscreen, USB, and DVD players that would be just like your HP tx1000. Here is one example that has 3 USB, DVD, and swivels to lay flat like a tablet.

    Another option (granted it means buying a new keyboard) is if you can't find a model you like with two USB slots you could buy one with a single USB slot and a bluetooth adapter built in. Then get a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
  3. i doubt what you're looking for would ever exist. a laptop with a detachable keyboard but still keeps everything with the monitor (USB, HDD, ODD, mobo, RAM, etc) would mean a top heavy laptop, something that could never bet set down because it would always fall over.

    you're pretty much stuck with getting another swivel laptop, or a tablet with external disc drive and keyboard attachements.
  4. have you considered perhaps getting an iPad and a USB CD-rom?
  5. Hello, everyone, and thanks for all of the suggestions.

    AntiZig: The iPad won't work b/c I have to sign on to a website to do my work, and the only way to sign on is to be attached to a "regular" computer, which negates the whole purpose of having the tablet! And also the iPad doesn't have Adobe Flash Player, which the work website requires.

    Nordlead, I considered getting either that or the Lenovo that has the swivel screen. But they are all so expensive!

    Anyway, I've finally settled on what will be a happy compromise - the Shuttle V50 portable all-in-one (with Ubuntu installed) , to which I can attach my old-fashioned keyboard. And I will have to have a separate external optical drive. I decided against a Windows tablet b/c I'm going to give other OS's a try.

    I guess I'm the only one in the world who can't stand typing on and laptop AND viewing the screen at the same time. Perhaps others are more evolved, and I'm the last of a dying breed! :)
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