Do i need a router? this is my first laptop, it is my only laptop, do i have to

do i have to get a router, it is my first and only laptop
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  1. First of all, do you need a router? Routers are used to set up internet connections within home or office environment. You then connect the router to your laptop, or if the router is wi-fi enabled, you can wirelessly access internet from the laptop. Other than that, there is no connection between the router & the laptop. It's not like router is necessary for the laptop to run.
  2. Like ksampanna said, you do not need a router in order to use your laptop. However, if you want to access the internet with your laptop you will need a router and an internet connection. Make sense?

    Are you asking because you are having problems connecting to the internet? If so, this may help -

    If you can provide us with more details, we'll be happy to help further.

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  3. first of all, do you have an internet connection?

    if yes, do you want to connect your laptop wirelessly?

    if you want to connect wirelessly, check first if your modem has wireless configuration

    if it is has no wireless configuration, buy a router with wireless features
  4. sharon_89 said:
    do i have to get a router, it is my first and only laptop

    i just want to use the laptop w/o being hooked up to ALL these wires. The laptop isconnected to the internet no problwm, i just want to take the laptop toother rooms and other places, if I try to do this w/o a router I will lose my internet connection
  5. not if you have a wiress modem, if you only have the one computer and your ISP has provided you with a modem that is not wireless, then get a wireless router and set it up, there are a few options past this point, but for the sake of simplicity I'm not going there
  6. thanks
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