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Could someone check if my motherboard will support T-breds?
My motherboard is a Abit KR7A-133. I know it runs the Palomino (I have an XP 1800+ now), but I want to know if my motherboard can support T-breds in case I want to upgrade later.

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  1. First, you can look at Abit website, most manufacturers update the list of compatible processors as they appear. If you don't find it, send an e-mail with the question.

    I'm almost sure that you will need to flash your BIOS. My guess is that if AXP 1800+ is supported, Tbred will be supported as well.

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  2. My earlier revision of the KR7A supports the Tbred at 2200+ via a BIOS update. I haven't flashed it since I'm still running my 1700+. Go to Abit-usa.com and find the download Bios page. There you should be able to find the update that will alllow you run the T-bred's. Whether or not it'll support the latest(2400+ and higher) remains to be seen. I haven't seen an update to allow the higher clock speeds. I hope it does, I don't want to replace the mainboard when they finally do become available

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