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Anyone know how to get a XPS dell laptop to recognise a projector. When I plug the proj in and the machine is working fine the screen goes blank it shuts down and can only be hard started. Anyone??

Ta Steve.
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  1. Hello steveilett;

    Did you try setting the laptop resolution to the same as the projector?
    Did the projector manual give you any hints about setting it up?
  2. often times on laptops you have to use a function command on the keyboard to turn on the external video port.

    On my Gateway it is the blue FN key + the f4 key. When I hit these 2 keys at the same time the laptop screen turns off and the projector turns on. If I hit them again both screens come on. And if I hit it a 3rd time the laptop screen turns on and the projector turns off.

    Perhaps your dell is similar. Look to see if you have a little montior icon on one of the f keys. It will be printed in the same color as the FN key in the bottom left of you keyboad.
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